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Lola Wright: Connecting With Your Aliveness

Lola Wright is a Holy Disruptor and Guide—weaving together the mystical and material to help people listen for their own internal wisdom. She hosts a podcast called Find Your Fierce & Loving which we highly recommend (and linked below). For many years Lola also served as the CEO of Bodhi Center, an organization committed to personal transformation, collective awakening, conscious activism, and community building. The common thread woven through all of her work is the belief that when one of us lives more freely, humanity itself becomes more free. This conversation took so many fun twists and turns, some being spiritual partnership, aliveness, paradox, delusion of the ego, and how we can choose to create more breathing room between stimulus and response. We learned so much from Lola’s insights—she’s a force of love in the world and we’re grateful for her light. This conversation energized us and we hope it might do the same for you.

Alicia Kiewitt: Presence, Desire, & Staying Awake To Life

Alicia Kiewitt is a magic-maker to her core. She’s beloved by everyone who knows her—and it won’t take you long to understand why. As a thoughtful curator and designer of social spaces, she’s deeply gifted at creating environments that foster soul connection. As a trained spiritual director, she companions people as they explore, notice, and get to know their interior lives. With a deeply held belief that all of life is spiritual, she holds space for others to gather mind and body into a place of deep listening and quiet. In many ways, this is a conversation about presence. As a self-described Enneagram 9, Alicia lets us in on her journey of learning to allow herself to experience life from her own lens and feeling her own strength. We discuss staying awake to life, noticing the beauty in others as well as in yourself, the risk of desire, and living from a mindset of abundance rather than scarcity. Alicia is actively engaged in being awake to life—her generous and playful spirit has been a safe place for us to land over and over again. There are so many gems of insight throughout this conversation and we’re really excited to share it with you.

Nate Bacott: Being At Home With Yourself

This week’s guest is our personal trainer and dear friend, Nate Bacott. With a background in both Human Development and Positive Coaching Psychology, Nate brings a refreshing and nuanced perspective to the world of fitness. His coaching clients range from Olympic and Crossfit athletes to young kids. Whoever the client, he thoughtfully listens to their individual goals and circumstances in order to help them discover their own power to sustain them for the long game. We’re clients of Nate’s, ourselves, and Nate has been an integral part of helping us build healthy workout rhythms into our days—which have added up to a happier, more grounded life over time. Throughout this conversation we explore the idea of sustainable fitness, how to give yourself time and space to anchor to the moment, and what it means to walk yourself into the answers you already know. We loved getting to unpack Nate’s philosophy on life, emotions, and wellness. He shows up with his full self—you can feel that.

Erin Holden: Finding Freedom In Chosen Anchors

Today’s guest is our dear friend of many, many years—Erin Holden. Erin currently lives in Chicago and works as a nurse in the intensive care unit, so in other words—a hero. Our deepest gratitude to all the frontline workers—your care, dedication, and sacrifice does not go unnoticed here. Identifying as an Enneagram 7, Erin has often been on the road chasing exciting opportunities and living in different places. But lately she’s found herself exploring what it means to find freedom in being anchored in one place. Throughout this episode we explore what it means to advocate for your own mental health, how commitment can be an opportunity for self-discovery, and how to attract your kindred community by living in your authentic truth. Erin lives with her eyes wide open, with a cultivated sense of self-awareness and curiosity. We deeply enjoyed and were touched by this open-hearted conversion, and are stoked to share it with you.

Megan Kantor: Feeling Deeply, With Levity

Our guest today is talented photographer and self-described deep feeler, Megan Kantor. Megan and her husband Nate run their own wedding photography business, Cedar & Pines, and we are major fans of their work. While Megan is typically on the road traveling for weddings, due to the pandemic she’s been settling into a slower pace, putting down roots, and finding new rhythms at their new home in Joshua Tree. Throughout this conversation we explore discovering contentment, what it means to trust yourself, and mindfully limiting external stimulation so you can begin to create work that feels different and unique to you. In a lot of ways, this conversation is about existing in that liminal space before you know what you’re going to create next. It’s an exploration of how to stay in tune with yourself as you create a life that feels interesting to you. We loved this window into Megan’s life that feels especially resonant and timely as we’re all navigating this uncharted moment in time together.

Michael Forsberg: Rediscovering Thyself. brb.

Our guest this week is the generous, thoughtful, and endlessly creative Michael Forsberg. Having spent time in both the corporate and non-profit worlds, Michael's ambition to amplify social impact is the unchanging undercurrent of his work. Now as an Associate Director at a brand strategy firm, Michael helps his clients unlock hidden potential by listening, learning, and remixing research-based findings into fresh ideas. He’s also hiked Mount Kilimanjaro and run five ultra-marathons to help raise money for clean water. We cover a lot of ground in this episode—the nature of identity, cognitive biases, beliefs about money, being true to your values, and how living in Los Angeles has shifted and expanded his thinking. Michael gave us a generous snapshot of what he’s processing at this stage of his life and we loved every minute.

Harriet Roberts: Engaging Your Passion

Harriet Roberts is shaking up the world of fitness by finding motivation from a deep, soul place and rooting her identity in something much larger than any title. A talented and hard-working CrossFit athlete, Harriet has competed at the CrossFit games—the ultimate achievement in the CrossFit world. Alongside her passion for fitness, Harriet is also invested in teaching CrossFit to teenagers and caring for people living with disabilities. Throughout this conversation we discuss vulnerability as the starting place of connection, the relationship between freedom and discipline, solidifying your identity beyond externals, and being open to finding inspiration in unexpected places. We truly loved unpacking Harriet’s mindset to better understand how she keeps fueling her passion— especially in the face of challenges.

Jennifer Peters: Attracting What You Are

Jennifer Peters is an innovator, creator, restaurant owner, and the creative force behind one of our favorite restaurants of all time—Just BE Kitchen. As the only Whole30-certified restaurant headquartered in Colorado, it’s truly a gem and we easily order it multiple times a week. Throughout this conversation we discuss how the universe always has our back even when we don’t realize it. We explore how taking action can help keep you in touch with your power, how to set intentions from the starting point of how you want to feel, and how to attract what you are by being the one that you’re waiting for. Jennifer is an inspiring example of moving through life with intention while also being flexible enough to adjust when things take an unexpected turn. We’ve felt connected to Jennifer for a long time through her nourishing food, and it was such a joy experiencing her energy in real time through this conversation.

Hailey Thomas: Creating Something That Is Your Own

Hailey Thomas is a mindset coach for entrepreneurs, a podcast host, and one of our dear friends. She helps her clients move through mental blocks, get clear about where they’re going, and reimagine what’s possible. Throughout this conversation we discuss becoming aware of your internal feedback loops, developing supportive mental tools, and identifying healthy and sustainable motivators that work for you. Hailey is a deep well of curiosity, ambition, playfulness, and perseverance—she’s such a badass. We learn so much from her and can’t wait for you to be inspired by her expansive heart.

Shira Bentley: Staying True To What Excites You

This week’s guest is Australia-based artist and illustrator, Shira Bentley. Shira began her career as a print artist, and her love of collaborative storytelling quickly led her to illustration. Her beautiful work transforms ideas into engaging visual stories filled with color, humor, and snippets of daily life. Shira’s art has been exhibited in memorable spots like the roadway overlooking the Sydney Opera House as well as on the international scene. We first met Shira back in February of 2020, before the pandemic lockdowns began. Shira is a kindred soul—our conversations easily turn into hours of getting lost in the magic, but don’t worry—we capped this one at an hour. Throughout this conversation we discuss staying true to your creative voice while also balancing your audience’s needs, saying “yes” before you’ve figured it all out, and maintaining your integrity by making things that you honestly like. Whether or not you identify as an artist, we think you’ll find Shira’s wisdom applicable, whatever your niche.

Teresa Huggins: Changing The Story

Teresa self-identifies as intuitive, always learning, awake, and optimistic. After twenty-one years of working in public schools as a counselor, she decided to pivot and create Leaders For Life International—the leadership program that had always been living in her soul. Since its inception, L4L has planted seeds of empowerment in so many lives—reaching students in over 24 states and 8 countries. ...Throughout this conversation we discuss the power of the subconscious, creating triumph from challenges, paying attention to what you want, and listening closely when your dreams evolve and shift. Teresa is living with her eyes wide open and we’re so grateful to learn from the way that she sees.

Trisha McDonald: Owning Your Worthiness

As a self-described forever learner, Trisha McDonald has already lived what feels like multiple lifetimes. From surviving a traumatic stroke when she was only 19 to retiring from the US Air Force at 23 and to now building an inspiring career in the realm of tech and social impact—Trisha is constantly evolving. Her openness, vulnerability, and fierce optimism are reflections of how she’s awake to each twist and turn—her life is a story she’s actively writing. In this episode we discuss impostor syndrome, confronting gender and geographical stereotypes, loneliness as an opportunity to come home to yourself, and owning your worthiness. Trisha drops so many powerful insights and we’re stoked to share it with you.

Dr. Sara Siddiqui: Normalizing Progress Over Perfection

Dr. Sara Siddiqui self-describes as a “healthy lifestyle cheerleader”. In her work as a chiropractic physician with a holistic approach, she has a front row seat to witnessing how trauma and stress affect our bodies. She’s also keenly aware of how we have to want to change before anything new can happen. In this episode we discuss how traumas, thoughts, and toxins impact our bodies, how knowing your “why” helps keep you aligned with your purpose, and why a progress model for health is more empowering than striving for perfection. We hope this conversation might be a flashlight to help you understand your relationship with your own body more clearly. We learn so much from Dr. Sara and we’re thrilled to share her brilliance with you.

Annalisa Munoz Funk: Moving Through Fear to Enchantment

Annalisa Munoz Funk is both a talented brand consultant and a dear friend. As a business visionary blazing trails in predominantly white and male-driven spaces, she’s a force in helping foster conversations centering diversity and inclusion. After taking time to sift through fear and listen to her soul, she wrote her dream job into existence. She didn’t simply wait for the doors to open—rather, she built the door and walked through it herself. In this conversation we discuss moving through fear, turning around to help the people coming up behind you, and how a letter she wrote to herself completely shifted her career trajectory. Annalisa is a compelling example that you can want it all and still actively fight for the best of everyone else, too—because there’s room for everyone if we keep building bigger tables.

Alexis Robertson: Making The Unconscious Conscious

Alexis Robertson isn’t interested in being anyone other than what her soul wants to be. After nearly a decade’s investment as a lawyer, she took internal inventory of her skill sets, desires, and thematic throughlines and took a leap into the unknown. Now as the Director of Diversity and Inclusion at a major law firm as well as a Whole30 coach, Alexis has synthesized her passions to build a path all her own. If you’ve found yourself at a crossroads or uncovering a layer of yourself that you never knew was there, then this conversation is for you. In this conversation we discuss taking ownership of your experience and how that shift has the power to unlock everything forever. We can’t wait for you to experience Alexis’s undeniable magic, power, and warmth for yourself.

Xiomara Araruz: Being With The Breath

Our guest today is Xiomara Araruz. Xiomara is a yoga teacher, holistic wellness counselor, and yoga programs coordinator at the Art of Living Retreat Center in North Carolina. As you’ll soon discover, Xiomara is a deeply grounded and calming guide for those ready to take the journey within. Throughout this conversation we discuss how to balance planning for the future while also remaining present, transforming negative energy into a different flavor, and how breathing techniques can help support you in showing up with your full self. If you’ve been curious about cultivating more calm in the midst of such a wild year, then be sure to listen through the end where Xiomara leads us through some breathing practices in real time. We loved this timely conversation and are truly stoked to share it with you.

Chuy: Becoming Your Authentic Self

Chuy Rodriguez self-describes as a family man and an artist. As a wildly talented love photographer based in Los Angeles, Chuy is used to existing in vulnerable spaces with his clients. The nature of his work has taught him that we invite authenticity from others by embodying it first. In this conversation we discuss working through creative funks, doing what you want to do before you know how to do it, and building confidence in your craft. Chuy’s unique blend of tenderness and confidence is truly inspiring and we know you’re going to love him as much as we do.

Jacob Henriquez: Embracing Impermanence

Our guest this week is marketing director for The New Primal and our friend, Jacob Henriquez. He was also named Whole30 coach of the year in 2019. As you’ll soon discover, Jacob possesses an inspiring and magnetic sense of self—but it didn’t come easy. He candidly shares about the challenges of being queer in traditionally non-queer spaces as well as the importance of validating yourself first. Throughout this conversation we discuss prioritizing self-care, setting boundaries, the challenges of remote working, authenticity vs. tokenism, and how embracing impermanence can help increase self-confidence. Jacob’s journey is a clear example of how the strength you cultivate inside yourself has a direct impact on how you lead others—and how what works for you will be entirely unique because your path is yours alone. We truly enjoyed this conversation with Jacob and know you’ll love him just as much as we do.

Dr. Vickie Bhatia: From Surviving to Thriving

2020 has been overwhelming to say the least. Collective anxiety is high and fear is constantly looming. We thought it’d be the perfect time to pull in an emotional expert to help us move through it all. Dr. Vickie Bhatia is a licensed clinical psychologist and Whole30 Certified Coach who is making an impact by helping people get in touch with their emotions. Specializing in both individual and couples therapy, Vickie’s work encompasses overcoming fear and anxiety, improving mood, increasing self-worth, and managing emotions in a healthy way. Throughout this episode we discuss how stress manifests itself in the body, the difference between fear and anxiety, and how moving through fear into thriving frees up your capacity for deeper creativity and focus. We learn so much from Vickie and can’t wait for you to experience her wisdom for yourself.

Abe and Isaac: Creating What Happens Next

On this week’s episode we’re shaking things up a bit—our friend Justin is interviewing us! It’s important to us that you know the people behind the voices you’re listening to every week—that you know where we’re coming from and what experiences have shaped us into who we are now. And that’s exactly what this interview is—a snapshot of our lives, our souls, our perspectives in this current moment in time. In this conversation we talk about the adventure we’ve been on together since we met seven years ago. We discuss the painful parts of our stories and the healing that’s possible on the other side of pain. We take a deep dive into exploring what empowerment actually means to us, our orientation to the universe, and how the next step reveals itself when you’re intentionally committed to growth. We’re pumped for you to get to know us a little better and hope you might find yourself in our stories, too.

Jill Moran: Defining Yourself From The Inside Out

Jill Moran is an Enneagram Guide, coach, and dear friend with an old soul. For those of you who haven’t already taken the Enneagram deep dive—basically, it’s a self-discovery tool that helps clarify and illuminate your core motivations that drive your thoughts, actions, and feelings. As you’ll soon discover, Jill has an incredible gift of holding thoughtful space for others as well as for herself. Throughout this conversation we explore choosing curiosity over judgment, what it means to connect with your inner child, and the power in being honest about our wounds so we can heal them. Jill has such a compassionate perspective on growing in social awareness—one of our favorite topics—so we’re thrilled to share this conversation with you.

Katherine Gehl: Maximizing Your Freedom to Choose

Katherine Gehl is a systems-thinker who’s passionate about progress. As a political innovator and co-author of The Politics Industry: How Political Innovation Can Break Partisan Gridlock and Save Our Democracy, she’s deeply concerned with the state of democracy here in the United States. Throughout this conversation we explore how to build your capacity for taking risks, the true nature of freedom, and applying intentional constraints in order to free up your willpower for the long game. We learn so much from Katherine—her voice is especially timely as we’re deep in the midst of election season. We can’t wait for you to experience her brilliant mind for yourself.

Lisa Wardell: Belonging In The Room

Lisa Wardell self-describes as a lifelong learner who is dedicated to constantly challenging her lens. As the only Black female CEO in the S&P 400 and the Fortune 1000 in 2017, Lisa believes that diversity is imperative to ensuring that a business stays competitive and healthy over time. Throughout this conversation we explore how to make dialogue about race sustainable in the workplace and what it means to belong in the room. Lisa’s hopeful perspective is a grounding and inspiring force during these heartbreaking and yet heart-expanding times—we learn so much from Lisa and feel so honored to share this conversation with you.

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